Let me tell you a story...

Hotel Slatina
Hotel Slatina

"Where you stand is the source of health and true divine power. Instead of Hippocrene, drink Roitschocrene, the Rogaska Spring that lies before you!"

Apollo, the legend of the origin of the Rogaska Spring from the 17th century.

Hotel Slatina
Hotel Slatina

Step into the story of experiences


Welcome to a journey through time, where every room carries its own story told by vintage postcards. The hotel offers 32 rooms, a suite, and a family room.

Writing a culinary story with our cooks


In our culinary offer, we combine a wide range of flavors, including traditional and homemade dishes, as well as innovative culinary creations. We particularly emphasize the use of our own products, which give a unique touch to our dishes.


Interactive kitchen
Preparation of dishes in front of guests
Bistro offer with the best pizza in town
Chef’s tasting menu


Experience an open kitchen where you can meet the chef and directly observe the preparation of your chosen dish.

Tastes of Slatina

Sweet and savory delights at Slatina Café

Homemade products under the Okusi Slatine brand available for purchase


Coming soon

According to your taste


Homemade breakfast

Daily lunch

Bistro offer

À la carte lunches and dinners are available every day from 11:30 to 22:00

Wellness Slatina


Charm of experiences


With dedication, we strive to make every moment in our hotel a memorable experience that will be deeply etched in the hearts of every guest.

Business and social events


In the hotel, we offer the perfect combination of spaces to create unforgettable business and social moments.

Conference room

Suitable for meetings, presentations, workshops, and group work. It is characterized by plenty of natural light and access to a terrace right next to the promenade. Room is suitable for different variations of up to 40 guests.

Club room

Suitable for private events, meetings, and work in small groups of up to 11 people.

Apolon club

Available for exclusive rental for various occasions such as boutique business events, weddings, gala dinners, and special celebrations.

Special events

Our hotel’s spaces are versatile, so we adapt them to your personal preferences and themes. We carefully plan each event and pay attention to every detail.

In-house events

These are hotel events for various occasions. We delight enthusiasts of gastronomy, music, wine, and art with culinary experiences, musical evenings, wine tastings, and art events.

Stay active


Rogaška Slatina offers you an opportunity to actively connect with nature and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Last minute 3-day active package

Package for two

PACKAGE PRICE: 240€ (until the end of June)